The World of Speed Museum in Oregon

So I just checked again and it still is real. The World of Speed Museum in Oregon is closing permanently. Months ago I read this but hoped it would not happen. In 2014 I went for my first visit…astounding. Such a great display for all us Salt Nuts with models and photos of lots of Bonneville speed week contenders.

1960 Mickey Thompson Challenger I

When Chrysler discontinued the 392 ci Hemi V8 engine in 1959, Mickey Thompson switched to Pontiac Engines for his next attempt at the land speed record. The 1959 Mickey Thompson Challenger I was rebuilt with four 389 ci 510 BHP V8 Pontiac engines, each with a LaSalle transmission. Thompson set a new record of 363.48 mph and a two way average of 345.33 mph.

In 1960 Mickey Thompson returned with four Supercharged engines, now producing around 700 bhp each on nitro blended fuel. Thompson’s target was to surpass Sir John Cobb’s 1947 two-way record or 394.19 mph in the Napier-Railton, with his first pass of 406.6 mph it looked as though he would succeed.

Unfortunately Thompson failed to complete the require two-way run due to  driveshaft failure. But Thompson was the first American to break the 400 mph barrier and World of Speed is proud to display his ultimate land speed contender.

On loan from the Thompson Family.