22 Questions of a Carnut Collector, Terry Johnson

1 First car you owned and what did you do to it and how did you end up owning it, price, etc.

1962 Pontiac Strato Chief in 72 at age 16. Dad had a 1967 Buick Riv but wanted to buy a caddy, but the Riv had too much power for Terry so he sold it to Terrys Uncle. Uncle Tom had two 1962 Pontiacs, one was a rusty piece o crap but had new running gear…the other nice body but tired running gear.

Terry did not want to buy a piece of junk like his friends and wanted to save his money for something decent. When the Riv was up for sale he wanted that, but was willing to wait. He was working for his Dad at the time and his dad got given the Uncles Pontiac that looked good but did not run well. Terrys Dad asked him if he wanted it and yes he would take a car for free…who would not? The car needed tones of work including battery distributor etc…so when he went to the book keeper for his cheque he was told there is not one for him. GO talk to your dad. Terry asked his dad what was up and he said….you don’t think you are getting the car for free do you? 

His uncle was not a good mechanic and on the car Terry got , the uncle had taken the passenger car door apart and when back together if the window went down too far the door opened. Terry had to save a few friends from that. 

2 First car you worked on if not your own and what types of things did you do to it?

1911 McLaughlin Buick Dad’s car and it was a rolling chassis but never got finished. Was looking for a body but lost interest and sold it. 

3 Where did you grow up?
New Westminster 

4 How did you become interested in cars? Do not remember not having a car in his life. His Dad bought the first Diana off the original owners, The Dunbar’s who bought it in Vancouver new in 1927. His dad bought it in 1956.

The original Diana was always their good old car as the 1924 Nash Touring needed everything. It was restored many years later. The Diana is unrestored, and the Dianas were not painted but varnished and the original owners polished it out, so it got repainted in the early 60’s 

5 First memories of cars as more than just transportation…a hot rod, or classic that stirred your imagination.? 6 months old on may tour first memory in car was in George Hoffman’s station wagon and rear seats facing and threw up. 

6 What did your family drive, parents, uncles, grandpas etc.? Grandpa never drove. Dad Always bought used until 6 months before he died he bought a new car.

55 Buick bragged because drove to Calgary and back on only one litre of oil.

56 Buick
62 Mercury Monterey
67 Riviera
68 Eldorado 

7 Were your parents into restoring cars or fixing his daily driver himself? Dad did not work on daily drivers but did restore cars. Frist car was a Diana Coupe, then a 56 T Bird…except for the heater and the horn…the part was $8 but figured he didn’t need it…Terry had to buy him an air cleaner.
Their Horch had loose hubcaps so they always removed them before driving anywhere. They were at a swap meet and found a single hubcap for $50. Dad did not want to spring for the spare and the seller said do you n=know how incredible rare this is and dad shoots back, do you know how many customers you have?

At another swap meet there is a Stutz hood ornament and they had Stutz at the time. Dad said you know how rare these are maybe we should buy it….they buy it and the next table the guy also has one for sale. 

8 Did your parents approve, like, hate your love of Cars, Hot Rods/Customs? THRILLED

9 Car Clubs you belonged to. VCCC, Mercedes, Packard, Pierce Arrow, classic, Auburn Cord Duesenberg and Totem A-T club. 

10 Did you ever race? Nope 

11 Events you have traveled to as a car enthusiast, races and shows Pebble Beach, Hilton head, Arizona, Cobble beach, Hersey swap meet in 2000 and then went back last year. 

12 Longest distance you have traveled in an enthusiast car(Classic, Hot Rod custom Muscle car etc) Across Canada and back 56 ford pickup 22,000 kilometers, driving him with dad to Centralia in the Diana 

13 Longest distance you have traveled to a race or car show towing a car? Phoenix 

14 What cool un-modified cars did you buy brand new or used over the years as daily drivers. Mustang, Datsun 260z 

16 What types of cars are you planning to build/own in the future? VW Westfalia maybe another truck. The wife wants a Toyota Supra 

17 What type of work do YOU do on cars, chassis fabrications, body work, mechanical, wiring, etc. Used to a little bit of everything and was restoring the Stutz and then got busy in the business and then his Dad got it done. 

18 A lot of the current members have been building cars since they got hooked as kids, but they also had other hobbies and interested as well…what else did you do to pass the time? Motorcycles off road and highway 

19 Crazy stuff you have done over the past….car and none car related. Drove his quad over a cliff 

20 Crazy stuff you are planning to do in the future? Not drive a quad over the cliff and go across Canada again. 

21 Are your kids, nephews/nieces and grandkids into cars…and if so what types? Hid kids aren’t but grandson is not but nephew is and just got a Malibu. One young nephew and son in law 

 23 Cars you own now. 64 Corvair convert in Phoenix 2 56 ford trucks f1oo pickup 56 big truck. and 64 Apollo, Bonagura special, and two Dianas, 1/2 owner of comet caliente built by Ken Pazaluko