2023 Torchmen Car Club BBQ

This is one of the best car shows to go see because you have lots of time to spend looking at each car and actually taking arty shots of the cars. A tru Legend in the car building word was Kirk Collins and a roadster that he started before he passed away was finished by Shaun Reitz and he showed it for the first time at the BBQ.

Another of Kirks old rides is now owned by the nicest guy you ever want to meet…..well actually there are a number of them in the Torchmen, Dwayne Newman now owns Kirk’s showbox convertible and it looks great and was also at the show. Danny showed up with his new triple threat Hot rod, injected, blown and NO2!!!

It was a great night with the master Dave Tarvin spinning the best music ever. Mike Pellet was there with his Willys and his old blown Dodge pickup that was one of just a hand full built as two wheel drive 1/2 tons during WWII. When I first showed up, I parked and went back to see Mike, and he was watching a magician doing a card trick and we were all blown away by his mad skill. The slight of hand wizard is Rod Boss, and he really is the Boss of magic and although I only got to see him do a few things (tricks…or reality???), they were all amazing.

Vince rolled in with is sweet low yellow Merc convert and DP drove a conehead car! Thanks to Dave for allowing us to use his awesome property for the event.

Thanks to all the Torchmen for inviting me to document their awesome BBQ!!!