The Pacific Performance Pontiac Car Club Show N Shine Celebrating their 35th Anniversary

I have been going to the Pontiac show since the early 2000’s when it was at the Willowbrook mall. Then South Surrey at Softball city, KMS tools in Langley. I am sad to say I really messed up, because I do not remember getting the update saying the show was moving from KMS Tools in Langley to the Casino in Cloverdale. I sent out an e-mail Friday and hopefully most people got the update.

I live close and I made it to the show around 11am when most of the cars were already there. It was the 35th anniversary of the club, and they invited Buicks and Oldsmobiles to the show as well. Great cars on hand and I got to say hi to many friends including Murray Chambers, K. Dale Rosen, John and Milly, Mike McVay who put on last weekends Model A show and good customers Adria and larry and there amazing L-79 4 speed 1967 Beaumont. Now here is where this story turns dark….I decided to go one last round snapping pics as well as the owners name and year of cars. I get close to the Beaumont and I see a dude sitting in the passenger seat. Young, but in his 20’s…maybe a foreign exchange student staying with Adria and Larry as they are teachers.

I ask the guy if he knows the owners…he says.”uh, no”. I ask him what the hell he is doing sitting in their car…..he says “can’t we just sit in cars at a show?” Well let’s just say, I hope you handle it better than I did. I made him feel like a total ass for even touching another person’s car. He got out but closed the door by pushing on the doors painted parts not the door handle. Again, I take the time to rip a new strip off his ass and send him on his way. UGH!!!

Still a great show and I suggest you dont miss next years show!

For a full gallery check out my zenfolio account