2023 KMS Tools Father’s Day Show and Sale


I have been attending this show for 20 years and is sort of the reason I do my car show listing. We rolled up on Father’s Day in 2022 and voila, the show had been held on the Saturday. I did not know of the Harrison list and thought to myself, families need to know where these shows are so they can take the kids along. Soon the website www.carnut.ca got an event listing. I try to include everything a family and a car owner needs to attend the show. Times, addresses costs etc.

Well this year’s show was hampered a bit in the morning with rainy skies…but it soon brightened and was amazing. The crowds were great and the cars that showed up were amazing. Jerry norrish from Chilliwhack showed up in his amazing 1961 Chevy Pickup which I had shot for a car magazine 6 or so years ago. Sheldon showed up in his orange convertible Vette with the Hardtop attached and I am in love with this car!
I got to see a badass Tri 5 with every cool trick in the hot rodding book thrown at it!!! There was an old Olds sold new in Vegreville Alberta that was pretty cool and the little VW Beetle base motorhome was a real crowd pleaser.

They were selling Hot Dogs for charity and an old pal JP was cooling up the dogs. I also got to see a few of my customers with there showboards I have done for them and that is always very rewarding for me.

So here is a link to the full gallery, and you do not need to make any purchase to view the gallery, but if you make a purchase I will be forever in your debt!!! Thanks

Cam Hutchins | 2023 KMS Tools Fathers Day Car Show (zenfolio.com)