2023 Duecks Classic Car Show


I have been looking forward to going to this show all year. I have never been able to spend the day there and never registered my old truck previously. If you enter, the very talented staff at Duecks, snap a photo of your vehicle as you enter and give you an amazing print of your car with a special background.

SO I arrived about 30 minutes after registration started and the line up was two blocks long. I parked my truck on the curb and went up and started snapping pics of and video of all the cars that entered. What a great time!  I got to speak to most of the owners as Graham Dodsworth would bring up the cars 5 at a time so they could sit to have their photos snapped, and I could chat with the drivers.


After snapping 200 plus cars(I am guessing) I got in my truck and came up the ramp and Nikki gave me the best spot in the house. It was an awesome Day! Of note this show was not just a GM show as it had been and all makes and models were invited. Thanks to Moray Keith the President of the Dueck Auto Group for hosting this event, registration was by donation with all proceeds going to charity.


Of special note, my 1966 C10 pickup was bought through an Auto Broker in New West and delivered at Duecks. Sort of a Home Coming!