2023 Coastal Swap Meet

The 2023 Coastal Swapmeet was a great way to spend the first part of the weekend…so many old faces to see and bs with!!! One of my highlights was breakfast with Terry Denomme of Canadian Hot Rods, Kevin and my baby brother Jeff. Jeff sold a ton of old car models and then some epic political battle took place between one of Jeffs customer and one of mine!!

The Coastal Swapmeet is hosted by 4 clubs, the Totem A and T Club, the Vancouver Chapter of the Vintage Car Club of Canada(VCCC), The Pacific inlt Street Rod Association (PISRA) and recently the BC Hot Rod Association (BCHRA). Many volunteer hours were spent to put on this great event and we must all be grateful for their time many the doors and all the other million tasks required to put on a swapmeet of this caliber. If you are not already aprt of a club, maybe it is time to join one of these fine organizations.

I cant wait till next year to see all the old gang again!

To see my full gallery of the swap meet please visit my zenfolio account…no purchase needed to view the photos…zenfolio.comĀ